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Announcing A New Feature: STEAM Careers for Preschoolers

Brand New STEAM Program Feature

We are proud to announce a new program feature at Park Slope Preschool! This month we are offering the brand new FasTracKids STEAM Careers program. This existing new feature only adds to the already well-rounded program. Add the tremendous educational value and we’d be hard pressed to find another comparable program.

STE(A)M is the evolution of STEM education. STE(A)M is the same as STEM with “art” added in. This class lets children explore different careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. 

Through this program your child will:

  • Develop confidence in STEAM skills, like problem solving, experimentation, and creativity.
  • Identify how to share findings with others and how STEAM professionals make global contributions.
  • Create and test prototypes inspired by STEAM innovations.

Children will explore the following STE(A)M careers:

  • Paloeontologist
  • Marine Biologist
  • Urban Planner
  • Artist
  • Architect
  • Wildlife Specialist
  • Plant Scientist
  • Structural Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer

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FasTracKids Preschool Leads The Way in STE(A)M Learning

New Study Proves Add’t Value in Early Childhood STE(A)M Learning

We’ve long known how powerful exposing children to academics at a young age can be for their scholastic growth. We’ve written several articles about it over the last few months. Finally, more and more educators and schools are catching on to the STEAM phenomenon – realizing that teaching early childhood Math, English Engineering and more can have substantial positive effects on a student’s academic career.

A new study conducted by Berkeley published in the Journal of Applied Development Psychology supports what FasTracKids preschools have been doing for a decade: that “academic preschools yield stronger benefits.” The main author, Bruce Fuller, asks “whether pre-k impacts range higher when teachers spend more time on activities emphasizing language, preliteracy, and math concepts.”

Based on their research, the author concluded that “…for the average American child it’s encouraging to learn that academic-oriented preschool yields benefits that persist into the kindergarten year, and at notably higher magnitudes than previously detected.”

We’ve Been Doing It For a While

What great news this is! Research like this helps us prove to parents that their child will benefit by enrolling with our preschool programs way more then enrolling with a competitor. Most preschools still use a non-academic curriculum or lack curriculum all together. We see that parents want their child to have the best possible education and it is our duty to fulfill that need. We agree that “dressing up like a firefighter” is not enough. It certainly has an important place, but there are more important lessons to be learned.

We have realized that preschoolers can soak up and understand more information both broad and deep than previously thought. Fuller states, “If you can combine creative play with rich language, formal conversations and math concepts, that’s more likely to yield the cognitive gains we observed.” This is exactly the kind of activities that our preschools powered by FasTracKids delivers.

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What’s That Sound? It’s FunikiJam at Park Slope Preschool!

FunikiJam is a fun, immersive musical experience for your child.

FunikiJam comes to FasTracKids’ Park Slope location every Thursday to entertain and explore the sounds and sights of music and dance through fun and playful activities. Your child will socialize with adults and peers during the one-hour musical lesson.

Funikijam – music – represents the A in STEAM, “Art.” This is a critical aspect of our STEAM infused preschool curriculum. We’ve also added a STEAM careers feature.

Funikijam is included with all Park Slope Preschool powered by FasTracKids tuition. Whether you come two days or all five days, your child is welcome to attend the once-weekly jam session! Your child will play with different kid-friendly musical instruments, dance and move to fun, uplifting live music and expand their social skills all at the same time!

Watch a clip of the FunikiJam fun in the video below:

Click here to visit FunikiJam’s website.

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