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Care vs. Curriculum in Preschool and Early Childhood Education

The majority of parents of young children are faced with the dilemma of what type of child care arrangements to make. Parents are most often offered the care only option AKA daycare in one form or another. “Care” can be a nanny or daycare center where children are dropped off and essentially do little more than eat, nap, and free play. They are kept safe and are “cared” for, for a specific amount of time. Many parents do not realize that another option exists.

care vs curriculum in park slope preschool education

Park Slope Preschool powered by FasTracKids believes that curriculum should and can be holistically integrated into any care arrangements for young children… Research shows that children thrive when thought provoking curriculum is woven into their daily routine. Their minds develop fully when academic and fun challenges are offered.

We holistically blend smart free play, art and music with early academics to help develop the entire child. We believe that it is possible to choose a program that incorporates all of these aspects… As expectations and standards of what constitutes kindergarten readiness rise, we must provide our children with the best building blocks available for their success.

A curriculum based program allows children to reach milestones earlier and to rise to their full potential. Our students are caring, thoughtful, and creative. They are well prepared for their next stage. This can only be achieved through early childhood curriculum based programs.

Written by Daisy Farrugia – Director of Park Slope FasTracKids

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On Nannies & Caregivers: A Response

Written by owner Franco Verdino, in response to this Park Slope Stoop article.

We understand that nannies are a costly option. But with a nanny, at home everyday, your child misses out on being with other kids. But they can join our program! We have options for many different budgets. Your child can get a super high quality dose of early childhood education and socialization!

Public pre-k options for four year olds can also be a great solution, but they are not preparing your child for gifted and talented entrance or helping your child learn at an accelerated pace – which puts them in a positive to lead and thrive in kindergarten. We offer solutions which do just that. We are a great add-on to your child’s Pre-K!

UPK/Free + Park Slope Preschool = cheaper than heck!

At FasTracKids you can rest assured that your child won’t be crying in the corner. We take pride in the fact that we allow families to see exactly how their children are interacting in the classroom via our exclusive television viewing network. Our goal is to be 100% engaged and not to punish or discourage.

Parents can combine nannies or part-time caregivers with part-time preschools. Park Slope Preschool, powered by FasTracKids is designed to be the ultimate in part-time pre-schooling options. Park Slope preschool not only provides a excellent social atmosphere for children who seek to socialize with other children around their age but also is rooted in a learn through play environment where learning and early academics takes center stage.

Park slope preschool takes pride in the fact that its center provides the most transparent experience for children that it offers a comfortable seating area outside the classroom for caregivers to be able to watch their children as they are learning. This level of transparency ensures that our teachers are fully prepared for each lesson and are committed to providing the very highest level of research based early childhood learning that is available in the world today. Park slope preschool also has plans to make this live video feed available to families on their smart phones starting in the 2016-2017 school year.

Park Slope Preschool prides itself on the fact that it is the least costly part-time preschool option in Park Slope, with the most advance early childhood curriculum’s available to its student body. Other part-time preschools in the area offer similar programs but charge tuition upwards of 50% to 100% more!

Park Slope Preschool has additional advantages over other neighborhood preschools. PSP is a licensee of 2 of the world’s leading, cutting edge, research based early childhood enrichment franchises, FasTracKids and Eye Level. These franchises truly offer the world’s top enrichment opportunities for young children in over 52 countries around the world. Many times families move to Park Slope from abroad and were already enrolled in FasTracKids Program back in their home country. They actively seek us out once they arrive in NYC.

And to top things off even further, many families register their children in other preschools only later realizing that they need to supplement their child’s education as most other neighborhood preschools are play-based only and do not teach many of the necessary skills that children need to succeed in highly competitive NYC public and private school. So they end up enrolling in our FasTracKids as well as Eye Level Programs separately, whereas these programs are fully included if are you are enrolled in Park Slope Preschool, making the program an even greater bargain!

Park Slope Preschool has already started the admissions process for the 2016-2017 school year in January. For those who want to get a jump on things, now is the time. Schedule a Tour today. At Park slope Preschool, the founder, Franco Verdino, is also the Director of the Program and is many times on site speaking to families in order to tailor each program to each individual child’s needs. 

Park Slope Preschool: Why Choose Us?

With so many Park Slope preschool options popping up, it is easy to question which is the right one for your family. This article will explain why we are the right choice for Park Slope families with preschool aged children.

park slope preschool viewing roomWhy FasTracKids Park Slope Preschool?

  1. We’ve been here a long time. We know the neighborhood. We know the families. We probably know some of your friends! During our time on 4th Ave we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for the Park Slope neighborhood.
  2. We take the time to get to know each family. We take pride in our commitment to learning about each family, parents and children, to customize your child’s preschool program. Preschool is usually the first social and classroom setting children experience. Our tried and true facility and play-based teaching methods are why we can stand by our promise of affordable, premium preschool.
  3. Research based program. FasTracKids is a world class early childhood franchise that has been backed by a research study at Wellesley College.

Park Slope Preschool: Next Steps

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4 Fun Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers always need new stimulation.

Need some new activities for preschoolers in the Park Slope area? We have been doing some research and have finally compiled our first list. Curated for Park Slope preschooler parents!

Heading out for a fun day in Park Slope with your little tyke? Check out our list of 6 activities for preschoolers that will knock their socks off! Maybe yours too.

  1. Help your child get a jump start on art and design at Brooklyn Design Lab. They have an activity specifically for your preschool aged child.
  2. Visit Prospect Park. Exposing your preschool child to park activities like tennis, dog walking, jogging, team sports and exercise can help them reach a higher level of comprehension.
  3. Give the gift of music. It’s never to early to investigate musical instruments. Visit Slope Music and see which instrument your child might takes interest in.
  4. Move, bend, stretch and dance at Spoke The Hub. Loved by many Park Slope children and parents alike, they offer classes for children as young as three. Dancing and movement goes hand in hand with our program here at FasTracKids Park Slope Preschool.

activities for preschoolers

We’d love to hear activities that your preschooler loves! We’ll feature your suggestions on a future blog post.

Checklist: 5 Things to Ask Your Preschool

How qualified are the teachers?

There are many qualifications for preschool teachers in New York City. We hold our employees and teachers to the highest standard. All of our teachers are licensed and certified by the State of New York. A good preschool will hire qualified and passionate teachers. Are you an education professional? We’re taking applications.

What is the snack policy?

It is important to know your child will be nourished during their time in the program. We provide tasty,  nutritious snacks and combine learning about food and our digestive system during snack time.

Do you offer discounts?

At FasTracKids we offer sibling, seasonal and other promotions. Ask about our current promotions when you schedule a tour or call us at (718-260-8100)

What other programs do you offer?

In addition to our premium preschool program, we offer tutoring and enrichment programs for children ages 2.5 – 9. Our offerings include math, reading, and English tutoring, plus special programs for gifted and talented enrichment and preparation.

Will you help guide my child after preschool?

Any reliable preschool institute should help guide parents and children into the next phase of their education. Our enrichment programs can accommodate most students through age 9.

9 Signs of a Top Preschool in Park Slope

  • Centrally located
    • Your location should be accessible via reliable transportation. We have numerous subway stations nearby.
  • Student pickup from school
    • As previously mentioned, school pickup is essential for some parents. We offer school pickup from schools that have at least 2 of our students.
  • Research based program
    • FasTracKids was meticulously examined by Wellesely College in this independent research study. Our preschool program is scientifically proven to give your child a diverse and critical perspective of the world. We strive to nurture a love for learning that will stick with your child their whole life.
  • Flexible schedule
      • We offer single day, 3 day, and full week enrollment packages.
  • Clean and appropriate environment
    • We used the franchise approved designers.  Environment designed for learning, focus, fun and creativity.
  • Passionate teachers
    • The best teachers are those that dedicate their careers to educating the youth. This is one of the values we look for in teachers. Our teachers instill creativity, independence and a love of learning into every child that enrolls in our program.
  • Rotating subjects
    • Some programs can get repetitive for your preschoolers. We use brain based educational zig zagging to hold attention. We spend just enough time on each subject for the child to absorb new knowledge from the program before zig zagging to a new subject. This is covered in our independent research study.
  • Parent support
    • Parents should be treated with respect and individual attention. We learn about each parent just like we learn about each child. You can come to us with questions regarding progress, next steps, supplemental materials and so on.
  • Easy online payments
    • Park Slope Preschool uses technology in the classroom – when appropriate. We also keep our business on the leading edge of the web and mobile technology. We’re currently building an online payments platform. We are excited to announce we will be offering online payments early this year.

5 Trends Seen in Today’s Brooklyn Preschools


Touch screen technology is all the rage in early childhood education.  Parents know all to well how engaging it can be for their children to play on such devices.  Although many early childhood education experts disagree and say that this type of learning can be harmful for a child’s development,  a balanced approach of mostly hands–on experiential learning supplemented with a dash of technology every now and then is probably your best bet!

Daycares with an educational / enrichment focus

These centers seem to be springing up all over New York City.  By packaging care with seemingly endless curriculum and enrichment programs   these center are trying to position themselves as one stop shops.  By offering more programing, thus adding convenience to families who have limited time to enrich their children, they charge higher rates than your standard daycare.  Just be aware that these centers have the high quality teaching staff to provide these intensive enrichment classes and that you are truly getting your money’s worth.  Many families later find out that they were paying the higher rates but were not getting a truly enriching experience for their children.

STE(A)M Infused

Science based learning and inquiry based learning are gaining a lot of attention and popularity when it comes to early childhood programs.  Research shows that young children can develop remarkable critical thinking skills and thus the trend of incorporating STE(A)M (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) should continue strongly into the future.

Gifted and Talented

While many families in New York City have very mixed feelings about gifted and talented programs and test preparation, the fact of the matter is that whether your child is truly gifted or not, young bright children can certainly learn the skills and traits necessary to thrive in G&T Programs and Tests!  Parents should just be aware that yes nature is a powerful force however nurture is what we as parents  can do to shape the future!


Dozens if not hundreds of “Montessori” schools open in NYC on a yearly basis but buyer beware!  While some of these schools do offer wonderful learning experiences for children, the name Montessori is not controlled or licensed by any governing body.  In fact, any school can change their name to “Montessori” at any given moment without having to answer to anyone!  Montessori is a wonderful philosophy that was developed over 100 years ago that has stood the test of time but how that philosophy is implemented in any particular school is anyone’s guess. This is a big problem, so please do your homework before enrolling your child in any program that calls itself “Montessori”!