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Care vs. Curriculum in Preschool and Early Childhood Education

The majority of parents of young children are faced with the dilemma of what type of child care arrangements to make. Parents are most often offered the care only option AKA daycare in one form or another. “Care” can be a nanny or daycare center where children are dropped off and essentially do little more than eat, nap, and free play. They are kept safe and are “cared” for, for a specific amount of time. Many parents do not realize that another option exists.

care vs curriculum in park slope preschool education

Park Slope Preschool powered by FasTracKids believes that curriculum should and can be holistically integrated into any care arrangements for young children… Research shows that children thrive when thought provoking curriculum is woven into their daily routine. Their minds develop fully when academic and fun challenges are offered.

We holistically blend smart free play, art and music with early academics to help develop the entire child. We believe that it is possible to choose a program that incorporates all of these aspects… As expectations and standards of what constitutes kindergarten readiness rise, we must provide our children with the best building blocks available for their success.

A curriculum based program allows children to reach milestones earlier and to rise to their full potential. Our students are caring, thoughtful, and creative. They are well prepared for their next stage. This can only be achieved through early childhood curriculum based programs.

Written by Daisy Farrugia – Director of Park Slope FasTracKids

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FasTracKids Preschoolers Get Sick Less Frequently than Full Day UPK programs, Parents Say

We learned about a customer that had sent her child to UPK for 4 months. She ended up pulling her daughter out of FREE UPK because her daughter was always sick and was regressing from what she had learned at FasTracKids.

FasTracKids educational preschool eliminates the need to send sick children to class or daycare. As cold season begins, our FasTracKids preschoolers remain healthier than kids that go to care. You may ask: Why? How?

It’s because our parents and customers do not rely on FasTracKids to take care of their children every day. Our families generally employ nannies or one parent stays home to take care of their children during the day. So, if a child is sick, the parents are not forced to send their child to daycare or preschool. This helps keep everyone healthier.

We know most parents don’t want to take their children out of the home when they are sick, but most do not have a choice whether it’s financial constraints or simply a matter of supervision.

Stay at home parents and nannies find our classes attractive because they offer flexibility throughout the week. Come any number of times throughout the week. Once a week, or all five days! We even have an add-on called G&T 101 which introduces new concepts to children in order to prepare them for gifted & talented NYC schools.

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