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Jr. Summer STE(A)M Academy (Core)

Jr. Summer STE(A)M Academy

Our Flagship Summer Enrichment Program

FasTracKids Preschool STEAM Enrichment is the Flagship Preschool Enrichment program which started it all and still is the ONLY summer gifted and talented program for children ages 3 & 4 years old.  Designed by experts in Gifted & Talented Education, the FasTracKids Preschool STEAM Enrichment Summer Program Exposes Children to 12 STE(A)M based topics through and inquiry-based learning approach, while simultaneously developing young children’s concentration skills, leadership skills, communications skills, critical thinking skills, and more; utilizing a special Zig Zagging teaching Methodology!  It does not end there, this ingenious program has been scientifically proven to help challenge young learners to learn 2x faster than their peers and is the ONLY summer program in NYC which is scientifically proven to be highly effective (Learn more about the Wellesley College study)!

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Week 1
July 2nd – July 6th

Week 2
July 9th – July 13th
Marine Biologist

Week 3
July 16th – July 20th
Urban Planner

Week 4
July 23rd – July 27th

Week 5
July 30th – August 3rd

Week 6
August 6th – August 10th
Wildlife SPedcialist

Week 7
August 13th – August 17th
Plant Scientist

Week 8
August 20th – August 24th
Structural Engineer

Week 9
August 27th – August 31st
Robotics Engineer


Mon, Wed, Fri, from 9:30am – 12pm

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Summer Preschool Handwriting

Summer Handwriting Without Tears

Research supports the active teaching of handwriting.

Recent findings demonstrate that writing by hand improves creative writing skills and fine motor skills. In fact, elementary students have been found to write more and faster by hand than when keyboarding. It’s our mission to help maintain and teach the necessity of handwriting in a technological world. While we embrace technology in our classroom, we know this essential skill is crucial for the next generation’s growth and success.

park slope preschool hand writing class

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park slope handwriting program preschool

Children learn joyfully with the multisensory readiness activities in My First School Book. Children of different abilities develop and practice crucial readiness and pre-writing skills. Boost readiness and pre-writing skills with My First School Book. Then help introduce children to lowercase letters with Kick Start Kindergarten!

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Kick Start Kindergarten is an extension to My First School Book and is ideal for transitional kindergarten, senior kindergarten, or 4/5 Pre-K classrooms.

  • Introduces students to lowercase letters earlier
  • Provides added phonological awareness and fine motor skill-building
  • Includes teaching guidelines and lessons plans for easy teacher prep
  • Developmentally sequenced to fit a nine-month or year-round Pre-K calendar

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Summer Math & Reading Enrichment

Preschool Math Enrichment

Exclusive academic development program

Park Slope Preschool offers children access to one of the world’s most exclusive academics development program.  No other preschool can even come close to providing such a powerful, results driven, proven, research-based, and most importantly child friendly academics enrichment program!

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Eye Level is South Koreas #1 Supplemental Education Program.  A Billion dollar company that is obsessed with having the very best programs for children’s development in the world! The early levels of the program are clearly designed with the child’s interest at heart with colorful worksheets filled with games, puzzles, even comics and more.

Research clearly shows the vital importance of developing early math skills.  Children utilizing the Eye Level program starting at age 4 can within a 1 year period of time develop into a 2nd grade level math student by the time they enter kindergarten at age 5. No wonder South Korea is consistently ranked within the 10 Smartest Countries Based on Math and Science.  Best of all, Eye Level has figured out how to make this process fun for kids so that they themselves want to do it! Go figure.

The benefits continue from there all the way up until 8th Grade Level Math.

Not to mention that Eye Level is the ONLY program that has developed a comprehensive CRITICAL THINKING PROGRAM which is included as part of the math programs as an added bonus!!!!!!!  Children call these books the fun books.

This is truly a game changer for children as they can further develop their critical thinking skills starting at age 4 in preparation for Gifted and Talented Tests and further more prepare them all the way up to excel on  the SAT’s!

We can go on and on but we believe it would be best for you to just see for yourself by clicking this link.

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Preschool Reading Enrichment

Fundamental reading comprehension skills.

At FasTracKids we recognize the growing need for preschoolers to transition into their elementary years with fundamental reading skills. The staff at FasTracKids is dedicated to giving every child a head start to becoming strong, independent, fluent readers. The reading enrichment program at FasTracKids provides the necessary skills your child needs to transition to the elementary years with ease. Every child learns at their own pace and in their own way. All reading enrichment instruction is multisensory and incorporates auditory, visual, tactile and gross motor activities. Every child will learn through this program because attention is paid to each child’s learning style within a small group setting.

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Enroll your child in FasTracKids reading enrichment today and see their interest in reading grow along with their beginning reader skills. For more information on the reading enrichment program, please schedule a Free Placement Evaluation Today!

Level 1

Ability upon Completion

  • Comprehension of the basic concept of the target language through learning names, locations,
    and order
  • Matching consonants and short vowel sounds to appropriate letters (Phonemic Awareness


■ Motor Skills ■ Shapes, Names, Location, Classification, Order ■ Alphabet/Sound ■ Vocabulary ■ Numbers

Level 2

Ability upon Completion

  • Practicing high-frequency words(100 sight words)
  • Extending vocabulary by practicing rhyming words


■ Consonants ■ Vowels ■ Rimes ■ Sight Words ■ Reading Comprehension

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