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Park Slope Preschool Application

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Parent Name(s)

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What do you enjoy most about your child?

What concerns you most about your child?

What preschool program or group experience (if any) has your child previously attended?

Name of friends applying to FasTracKids Park Slope Preschool

Self Help Skills: Is your child toilet trained or dress independently?

Does your child have any medical conditions or allergies?

Does your child receive any special services, i.e., speech/language therapy, SEIT (special instruction), occupational or physical therapy?

Toys or books your child enjoys:

Which program?
FasTracKids Explorers (ages 2 - 3.5)FasTracKids Discoverers (ages 3 - 5)

How many days?
1 Day ($3,196/year) + $200 Registration/Materials Fee2 Days ($5,596/year) + $200 Registration/Materials Fee3 Days ($6,636/year) + $200 Registration/Materials Fee4 Days ($9,160/year) + $200 Registration/Materials Fee5 Days ($10,360/year) + $200 Registration/Materials Fee

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