On Nannies & Caregivers: A Response
24 Mar 2016

On Nannies & Caregivers: A Response

Written by owner Franco Verdino, in response

24 Mar 2016

Written by owner Franco Verdino, in response to this Park Slope Stoop article.

We understand that nannies are a costly option. But with a nanny, at home everyday, your child misses out on being with other kids. But they can join our program! We have options for many different budgets. Your child can get a super high quality dose of early childhood education and socialization!

Public pre-k options for four year olds can also be a great solution, but they are not preparing your child for gifted and talented entrance or helping your child learn at an accelerated pace – which puts them in a positive to lead and thrive in kindergarten. We offer solutions which do just that. We are a great add-on to your child’s Pre-K!

UPK/Free + Park Slope Preschool = cheaper than heck!

At FasTracKids you can rest assured that your child won’t be crying in the corner. We take pride in the fact that we allow families to see exactly how their children are interacting in the classroom via our exclusive television viewing network. Our goal is to be 100% engaged and not to punish or discourage.

Parents can combine nannies or part-time caregivers with part-time preschools. Park Slope Preschool, powered by FasTracKids is designed to be the ultimate in part-time pre-schooling options. Park Slope preschool not only provides a excellent social atmosphere for children who seek to socialize with other children around their age but also is rooted in a learn through play environment where learning and early academics takes center stage.

Park slope preschool takes pride in the fact that its center provides the most transparent experience for children that it offers a comfortable seating area outside the classroom for caregivers to be able to watch their children as they are learning. This level of transparency ensures that our teachers are fully prepared for each lesson and are committed to providing the very highest level of research based early childhood learning that is available in the world today. Park slope preschool also has plans to make this live video feed available to families on their smart phones starting in the 2016-2017 school year.

Park Slope Preschool prides itself on the fact that it is the least costly part-time preschool option in Park Slope, with the most advance early childhood curriculum’s available to its student body. Other part-time preschools in the area offer similar programs but charge tuition upwards of 50% to 100% more!

Park Slope Preschool has additional advantages over other neighborhood preschools. PSP is a licensee of 2 of the world’s leading, cutting edge, research based early childhood enrichment franchises, FasTracKids and Eye Level. These franchises truly offer the world’s top enrichment opportunities for young children in over 52 countries around the world. Many times families move to Park Slope from abroad and were already enrolled in FasTracKids Program back in their home country. They actively seek us out once they arrive in NYC.

And to top things off even further, many families register their children in other preschools only later realizing that they need to supplement their child’s education as most other neighborhood preschools are play-based only and do not teach many of the necessary skills that children need to succeed in highly competitive NYC public and private school. So they end up enrolling in our FasTracKids as well as Eye Level Programs separately, whereas these programs are fully included if are you are enrolled in Park Slope Preschool, making the program an even greater bargain!

Park Slope Preschool has already started the admissions process for the 2016-2017 school year in January. For those who want to get a jump on things, now is the time. Schedule a Tour today. At Park slope Preschool, the founder, Franco Verdino, is also the Director of the Program and is many times on site speaking to families in order to tailor each program to each individual child’s needs. 

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